Elementary school in today’s world is paramount importance. We "The Abhikarma kids”, a dynamic school provide quality Education in Panskura. Enhancing services in PLAY SCHOOL, NURSERY, KINDERGARTEN, and CLASS- I to V.
We are introducing our innovative ideas to create a process driven unique school in lush green campus having PRE SCHOOL, DAY CARE, PLAY HOUSE, MULTI-SENSORY/DISCIPLINE ACTIVITY & KIDS GYM.


Our vision is enhance and develops core human values in your child's. Integrate his/her personality to enable, energize and enhance childhood by fostering growth of mindset, body and spirit. We are helping the students to turn inwards for learning motivation and providing safe space to explore their emotions.



Our mission is to nurture young minds socially SMART in a culturally sound environment and provide opportunities that will help them realize their true potential.

The Abhikarma Kids Introducing their KIDS ZONE in the name Of “DIBYASTHALI” a unique concept of “Live and Love your life”

Mr.Sukumar Maity


Mr.Sukumar Maity is locally recognized visionary in the field of early childhood educations. As founder his responsibility and seamlessly effort to leading, growing and nurturing The Abhikarma Kids School as a first structured and process have driven in the fragmented space, for early childhood education at panskura station bazar, Adakpara, since 2011.

He has been instrumental in developing and shaping the holistic curriculum for intellectual as well as mental faculty of a growing child to face the future world and be prepared to understand real life challenges and accordingly build, shaped and ultimately implements most valuable life skill in the society.

Dr. Supriya Maity

Managing Director:-

Dr. Supriya Maity has more than one decade of enriching academic experience in educational sector and worked in many premier, prestigious pharmacy institutes like Vivek College of Pharmacy, Translam Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research, Rajiv Academy College of Pharmacy, Mahalwar Institute of Pharmacy. He is serving as the Principal of a renowned pharmacy college R.S.D Academy College of Pharmacy, Moradabad since 2019. He has supervised 06 M. Pharmacy students. He has presented and published 30 research /review articles in International and National Journals, conferences and seminars. He is also a life member of professional body like APTI. His area of research interest is Drug Synthesis & Molecular Modeling. He has filed two Indian Patents on the title of " Method for extraction of Quercetin for treatment of Multidrug resistant urinary tract infection” & "Fluorescent tumor targeted polymer biomolecule conjugates as theranostic platform for cancer therapy and process” granted recently. He has also conducted various International and National Conferences and Seminars.

Mrs. Mallika Samanta (Maity)


Mrs. Mallika Samanta (Maity), is a visionary educationist with a panoramic experience of about 46 years in school education and administration. She has and contributes her professional Excellencies to organizing teacher curriculum, assisting with lessons and collaborating with other professionals to provide the highest level of education for each student. Always eager to learn something new every minutes. She loves motivating her team to attain their incomparable & outstanding potential.

Her vision is to develop holistic responsible citizens who can cater to the needs of the rapidly growing society, who are cater to the need of the rapidly growing society, who are tech savvy and yet able to fend for themselves keeping in mind the sustainable means of development. Providing necessary support, infrastructures, resources, making students intellectually strong, physically fit, emotionally balanced, socially connected and spiritually sound being first steps towards this goal, has already been initiated and hopes to see fruition soon.

Principal’s Message:

PANSKURA is a city that is colorful and vibrant providing school children with a window on the excitement and challenges of future India. As children observe and grow with the city as their backdrop, we actively encourage them to look with optimism beyond their own place in the world to enhance the lives of others around them.

2021 has been a challenging year for all of us and we evolve with current situations and times. We are truly thankful for all the support and efforts by our staff, teachers, parents and students for a successful start of the new academic year.

Today, we are molding ourselves to the most effective ways to teach students and that means this pandemic may open the door to new ideas and new technologies that will endure in the classroom as well after COVID-19 subsides

We do not compromise on the quality and continue our innovative teaching techniques for academic, afterschool classes and co-curricular activities.

As we think back of the 10 years, discovering the difference we can say with all certainty that each one of you made us smile.

Mrs. Baishakhi Jana (Maity)

Director Dibyasthali (OPC) PVT LTD:

Mrs. Baishakhi Jana (Maity), is a seasoned educator, author and passionate social worker. She is the founder director of “Dibyasthali” the institute is inspired teaching and learning by the concept of “Live and love your life”. She has been Dedicated and skilled Early Childhood Educator with over 11 years of teaching and supervision experience in preschool and day care setting. Having strong interest in child development through theme program creation and implementation. Continuously ensure that children and parents are comfortable with the learning environment and experience. Excellent communicator, highly motivated, team and detail oriented. Committed to developing innovative, creative and fun learning environment. Flair for establishing rapport with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Additional experience in planning and managing budget, billing, payroll, scheduling, enrollment, staff training, parent communication, infrastructure and facility maintenance. Presently she is an academic consultant of “The Abhikarma Kids” School. She is an expert in designing of progressive educational content of early child care education.

Director’s message:

Our newly introducing Kid’s zone “DIBYASTHALI” is the place where a child has the liberty to explore his mind’s strength. He/She becomes self aware and hence mindful about his potential. This curriculum has the ability to empower students to move themselves towards better functioning through discovering and expressing their authentic self.

Our key features:

Providing a safe space to the students to explore their emotions.

Focuses on introspection and self-analysis.

Enhances and develops core human values in students.

Generating awareness about mental health.

Maintaining mental peace, resilience and mindfulness.

Makes students socially “SMART” by helping them express their emotions accurately.

Academic Model:

Amplifying positive resources

Growth Mindset

Acceptance of oneself

Integration of personality

Positive social relationships

Cognitive flexibility

Dance/Movement therapy

Our Objectives:

To provide continuous stimulation for dynamic and holistic development of students.

To support, contribute and facilitate the developmental process of grooming young minds by upholding every child’s right to education with a strong belief in inclusive education.

To create an environment for the smooth transition of a child from an informal homely atmosphere to a formal learning atmosphere.

To work in partnership with parents in their challenging and rewarding journey on the various aspects of childhood and parenting.

To provide is an exciting and dynamic place to be, a reflection of the city in which we live.